The 4 Analysis

Your present is the factory of your past and your future, therefore taking control of your actions today is of most importance.

Today is all you have, tomorrow never comes!
These “4 Fundamental Analyses” can clear your vision, and help you create a purposeful mission:

The Protection Analysis:

This is your foundation analysis, before you continue building your life castle, let’s make sure it is being build over rocks.

The following are the 4 major risks in life:

  • The risk of dying too soon, and leave someone vulnerable and unprepared behind
  • The risk of becoming disabled, and not being able to keep on building your dreams
  • The risk of recessions, and not having reserves to bypass financial storms
  • The risk of living too long, running out of money, and ending the movie of your life in a drama

Life should be a movie of Romance, Comedy, and Action! Let’s help you remove the horror and drama.

We will stop you for a moment, just to help you put your life in perspective, we will make sure your foundation is as solid as it can be. After that, you will be able to continue playing the game of life worry free. Your protection analysis is really about putting your house in order, and minimize the number of “I wish I Had” you may encounter in the late years of your life.

Your Cash Flow Analysis:

This is the EKG to your “Financial Health” The Tune Up to your “Financial Engine”. It is in fact, a process where we analyze and help you maximize your income, and analyze and help you optimize your expenses. Ideally you should increase the difference to maximize your “Wealth Creation Potential”. During the income analysis, we discuss the importance of creating congruence between your occupation and that “P” in your heart called “Your Passion”. This is one way to improve your score of G6 (Gear #6 of Your 4×4 For Life)

The best advice we can share with anyone is “Follow Your Heart” because he knows the path to your success better than anyone else. <3

Remember our slogan? “Heart and Mind Working Together” Your heart want you to be Healthy, Happy, Wise, and Wealthy! Your mind is your most loyal and powerful servant which has the potential to take you there.

Your Risk Tolerance Analysis:

This analysis help us understand what recommendation would be more suitable for you. We believe that your health is your main wealth, and that whatever hurts you emotionally, or financially, will also hurt you physically (Stress kill cells).

Knowing your exact current financial position can help us provide recommendations that are appropriate for you. This is why we created the “Total Control System”

Some people love to gamble so they close their eyes and throw the dice and that’s ok, but for those who like to have more control of their outcomes…here are three statements from a philosopher, and two savvy investors.

The Philosopher:

It is more important the return of my money, than the return on my money.

The Investor One:

I never put money in the market which I am not prepared to lose. If losing it will hurt me Physically, Emotionally, or Financially…I won’t put my money there.

The Investor Two:

Before I put my money in the market, I do 3 things, first I visit the company and shake hands with its president, second I go to the field to see how they treat their employees, and finally I go to the front line to see how they treat their customers, and If I like all three things I see, I invest millions of dollars in it.

Visit our Visual Aids section to analyze the 3 Risk Buckets, also visit he Spardata study of How Millionaires Are Made. Spardata is a well recognized business valuations firm which is endorsed by many Fortune 100 companies.

Your Net Worth Analysis:

This analysis is used to measure your current wealth position; it helps on determining what would be suitable recommendations when planning for college, business, retirement and succession on your terms (Estate Planning). It accounts for all your Assets versus all your Liabilities. Even though it’s conventionally related to financial wealth, we go beyond financials. Our approach to wealth is based on the 4 dimensions of wealth, money and material assets are only one type of wealth. See G5 to G8 on “The 4×4 For Life”
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