What is it?

It is a proprietary tool of 4everThere Financial LLC. It was created to help both, you and us, in performing a deep financial Stress check. Picture it more like a Financial Physical that will help us determine your exact current financial position before making any recommendation.

Knowing where you are, will help you control where you are heading, this tool works in perfect combination with “Your 4×4 For Life” which is an auto evaluation tool Learn More

Total Control System

The Total Control System is a great tool to help you improve your Scores on your “4×4 For Life” Self Evaluation tool (it’s kind of like a driving test). The combined use of these two tools can offer the opportunity to take controlled actions, minimize mistakes, and give you a green light with confidence into projects which you could have pass due to lack of clarity. The goal is to help you avoid as many “I wish I had” as we can possible can, from your future.

Total Control is a chess board, your financial information are the pieces, you are one player and life is your rival. Have fun but play to win…there is a lot of fun in winning!

  • Protection Analysis (Your Foundation Analysis)
  • Cash Flow Analysis (Your Financial Engine Tune Up)
  • Risk Tolerance Analysis (The 3 Risk Buckets)
  • Net Worth Analysis (You Wealth or Estate Analysis)
  • Imagine having all your financial information in a single place one click Away!

Ideally you should download our ‘Total Control System’ and use it as homework before interviewing with our Financial Professionals. This action will make our initial meeting much more productive, effective, and time efficient.

Your Total Control System