Dear Business Owner

I believe in Justice, I know for a fact that you have and probably are still working hard for your business.

It’s time to make sure your business is working hard for you too! And that is my area of expertise.

Over 20 years of working with businesses I learned few things; I am looking for an opportunity to share them with you.

Here are a few small concepts that go hand on hand with you as a business owner. I can reassure you that these concepts can make a huge impact in your life, your business life, and that of those you love and care for:

  • The Best Employee You Would Ever Hire
  • The Secret To Financial Immortality
  • Creating a Dynasty of Wealth

It will be my honor to join your success team, and I will look forward to that opportunity.
If you like to know more, feel free to contact me at 703-898-5061 at your earliest convenience.

Fernando J. Escaffi Sr.

Best Employee CONCEPT

For the salary of an average employee I could surpass your best performer!
My resume is endorsed by a Fortune 100 Company with 162 years of experience.

Honestly speaking, can any of your current employees outperform me on this benefits and guarantees? Take at look at the following sample graphics that explain in more details how it works. If you have any question please feel free to call me and I will prepare a personalized proposal for you.