One Picture Says One Thousand Words!

Clarity creates motivation, Motivation creates action, Action creates results!

Seek Understanding!

Since most people in the world are visual, we decided to create “VISUAL AIDS” to help you see what we are saying.

All graphics and concepts here, convey important messages which will allow you to make well informed decisions, these decisions can and will impact your future, and the future of those love.

“Knowledge is only information, but understanding is motivation which leads to meaningful actions and calculated results”

Our goal with VISUAL AIDS is to help you understand, because knowledge without understanding is useless information. For those who suffer from SBS (Sharp But Short) Memory, we have placed all of our Tools, Graphics, and Concepts in this website, so it’s available for you 24/7

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Following is a title list of some of the tools and concepts created by Mr. Escaffi

How Millionaires are made
G4-Meaningful Action Sheet
Your Total Control System
The Best Love Letter 1929
Income Tax 80 Year History
Estate Tax 80 Year History
Famous People’s Estates
Your Best Employee
The Swiss Army Knife
Medical Economics
Your Child's World
Your 4×4 for Life
The Golden Rule