Annuity Contracts

How would you feel, if you could have incomes you could never outlive? That is exactly what Annuities are all about!
In how many places you could throw 10k, 100k, or even a million dollars at once, let them grow tax deferred, avoid the market risk, and then be able to trade it for a parcially taxable lifetime retirement income? The only place that comes to mind is a FIX ANNUITY.

Fix Annuities are insurance products utilized in retirement planning without the contribution limitation or income limitations found in IRA’s or 401k’s. Your principal and your earnings on fix annuities grow tax deferred and are guaranteed by the paying ability of the insurance company. This is why the financial strengh of the company you choose is very important.

Here is something you must to be aware of:
Annuities are one way to protect ourselves from the risk of living too long. In a scientific studies of the maximum lifespan of different animals, humans were given up to 122 years, which constitute 40 years of risk beyond average mortality age.

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