Fernando J. Escaffi

CEO – Founder

Born on July 12 1961

Zodiac Sign: Cancer (The Protector)

Meaning of His Names

Fernando: Protector Brave and Daring

Justo: He who acts with fairness

Also Known As: “The Guardian Angel”

Mission in life: Influencing The World In A Positive Wayy

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Born in Lima Peru, Mr. Escaffi started his working life at age 5 and has never been unemployed since. He studied business administration at CESCA Peru. In 1989 at age 27 he moved to USA. While in America, he paid his dues like any other immigrant by working 20 hours a day, 10 hours a day in McDonald’s, and 10 hours a day at a Gas Station in Springfield, Virginia. He literally worked 120 hours a week his first 9 months in America, and 16 hours a day the next 7 years, during those 7 years he was the employee #777 for Ravensworth Mobil. in 1992 while working at the gas station he started a Money Transfer business from his townhouse in Burke VA. His company name was “International Tran$fer”, In 1994 with 450 clients he opened his first office in the back of a shopping center in Falls Church, VA and added international shipping services.

In September 1996 with 3000 clients he moved his office to the front of the shopping center and added Travel Services, changing the company name to “International Tran$fer and Travel”, It was November 1996 when he thought everyone pay taxes in America so he created a new company named Escaffi Financial Services adding Income Tax Preparation Services. In 1998 knowing that homes were the last tax shelter for individuals, Mr. Escaffi studied real estate at Weichert Realtors with the intention of helping his clients who could qualify on buying a house and save tax dollars, plus since those years the housing market started booming they could build equity as well. But life happens!…That year while studying for his real estate license he lost his key employee who moved to a bigger accounting firm and with his then 5000 clients database, he was forced to go back to run the business and had to put his real estate project to sleep.

It was about October 2000 when he was contemplating going back to real estate, and the phone rang, it was a call from someone at the Fairfax office of The Guardian life insurance Company, he was invited to meet with Jonathan Phan the General Agent, and after that meeting he was sold on the Guardian’s Mission of “Enriching The Lives of The People He Touches” so he decided to become “The Guardian Angel” 🙂 , in March 2001 after 3 attempts due to his language barrier he finally passed his test and got his “Life and Health Insurance License” becoming a Financial Representative of AMG (Asset Management Group) a then Northern Virginia Agency of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, In 2002 Mr. Escaffi earned the recognition of “Financial Representative of The Year”, in 2004 he got honors as “The Life Agent of The Year” and also qualified for MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table). 2004 was a year for changes, between the events of 9/11 and the internet evolution, his Travel, Money Transfer, and Shipping Services got hurt, adding the over regulations of homeland security, so he decided to stop those services completely, keep his Tax Services and focused all his attention to his Financial Services Business by Adopting the slogan of “Protecting – Teaching – Enriching” It was about mid- 2004 when he realized that many of his tax and insurance clients were trap in a negative cash flow due to their Auto Loans and their big Credit Card balances, they were paying high nondeductible interest rates on assets that do not appreciate.

He also noticed that many of them had large equity in their homes at interest higher than the current market rates. So, he decided to join a mortgage company as a Loan Officer to consolidate his clients debts into a low interest tax deductible mortgage. This strategy allowed many of his clients to free up interest dollars and tax dollars to invest them into maximizing their family protection and their systematic wealth accumulation throughout “Dividend Paying Life Insurance Products” from Guardian. In 2007 Mr. Escaffi became a Senior Partner at AMG and In 2008 he took the position of CDS (Career Development Supervisor) at Guardian, In 2009 his entire agency became part of The MassMutual Financial Group and he was transferred as a Sales Manager for MassMutual. In November 7 2011 Mr. Escaffi created a new company to consolidate his knowledge and expertise in the insurance and financial services industry. He maintained his career contract with MassMutual, His Broker Contract with Guardian and also registered as a Broker with Ohio National, and several other companies. His Criteria to pick the companies to represent was “Top 10% Comdex Ratings and a Century in Business”

For Over a decade Mr. Escaffi has created several financial Tools, Concepts, and Graphics to educate his clients which he calls “Visual Aids”. Since he knows that most people in the world are visual, one of his common expressions is “I like you to see what I am saying”
He uses all this tools to illustrate clients on his principle of maximization. “Maximum Protection and Maximum Wealth Accumulation According to Your Budget” and he also teaches constantly on the importance of Balancing the Four Essentials “Health – Happiness – Wisdom – Money”

Over the years Mr. Escaffi has served over 8,000 clients and processed hundreds of thousands of successful transactions between all of his different companies and services combined.

We would like to invite you to explore his brain throughout this website, and to leverage all the resources available.

His proprietary tools and concepts have been created with a single goal in mind “Influencing The World In a Positive Way”

If you feel that anything in this site hit home, and benefits you in any way, we would love to hear your story, please email us to: Testimonials@4everthere.com and most important…don’t keep us a secret, share our website with those you love and care for.

If anyone you refer to us benefits from our services, we will recognize YOU as “Their Guardian Angel”

Following is a title list of some of the tools and concepts created by Mr. Escaffi