See The World Through the Eyes of Your Child

Your child’s world is in your hand, you created, and if you are not around it could easily fall apart. If one parent is out of the picture overnight, I hope you agree that the other parent becomes more important than ever before.
But unfortunately, if one parent disappears from their picture, the surviving parent may be forced to go out to work, or work extra hours, so he or she could make up for the deceased parent physical or financial contributions, and the child at the loss of one parent, end up losing both.

If the remaining parent cannot afford alone the same house, due to reduction of income or increase of expenses like full time babysitter or a daycare. The child may also end up losing his/her home.
When you change your home, many times you need to change your school, teachers and friends.

Basically, A Child’s World is built on quicksand if the parents don’t invest time to prepare for the unexpected!

The WorldThrough The Eye of a Child